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Essential to the ongoing success of most companies is the professional impression they make on those outside the company-be it bankers, investors, venture capitalists, or even potential acquirers. When evaluating a company’s prospects for financing or investing, one key consideration is management’s knowledge of their company and its market opportunities. Since these financing sources are all too often unwilling to conduct the extensive and time-consuming level of research to identify these considerations, a company’s business plan is the primary vehicle for communicating this in-depth information.

CMC, Ltd. can provide the expertise necessary to develop your strategic plan and/or business plan utilizing its extensive experience and knowledge in the Promotional Products Industry.

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Grow your business with the future in mind. CMC assists companies in developing their strategic plans by identifying and quantifying their short, immediate, and long-term goals.


We can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to help you identify and achieve your goals via strategic planning, develop your business plan, as well as perform special projects.

We’ve developed a subscription program to provide your company with detailed industry-specific information to help you increase sales, margins, and profitability.

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