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What drives profitability? After all, isn’t that what we are in business for, to make a profit? Sure, but what are the components needed to be profitable?

  • High gross margins?
  • Commission & selling expenses?
  • General & administrative expenses?


Yes, all the above. How you achieve this is the important thing…

  • Have access to accurate management, sales, and financial reports.
  • Develop an operating plan to meet your profit goals.
  • Develop detailed monthly cash flow projections.
  • Plan and track your sales against plan.
  • Control operating expenses.
  • Establish effective training and compensation plans for employees and sales reps.
  • Utilize technology effectively.
  • Manage your banking relationship to insure funds are available to run and grow your company.


We can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and help you identify and achieve your goals via strategic planning, fulfill your bank/investors requirements with a business plan, as well as perform special projects.

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We will carefully review your products and/or services as they apply to your market as well as those of other markets to develop the appropriate acquisition criteria and strategy.

The sale of your business can be an arduous and time-consuming process that can take you away from running your business unless you have the right financial advisor.

A critical management tool for any business owner is the knowledge and understanding of his business’s value as determined through fact-based analysis.

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