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Do you know how much your business is worth? Are you sure?

A critical management tool for any business owner is the knowledge and understanding of his business’s value as determined through fact-based analysis.

Most valuations are performed to establish expectations of how much the business is worth with the intention of selling it. Other valuations are required for estate or divorce settlements. There are many good reasons to have regular valuations performed.

  • Ownership of company is probably the largest investment that individuals will ever make. It should be important to know the value of that investment. No one would be satisfied with an investment in a mutual fund or publicly traded stock if the value of those investments was not known on a regular basis. Most of these investments can be valued daily in the Wall Street Journal. Why would you not want to know the value of the family business at least annually?
  • Many owners do not have any idea what their company is worth. This can contribute to problems in estate planning. A business valuation can also be a valuable tool in planning for college for the owner’s children.
  • With a proper valuation, an owner may become interested and motivated in selling the business either proactively or if approached. It is possible to “cash-out” the owner’s sweat equity and continue to earn substantial money working in the Company, and eliminate the headaches of administration and continued investment in the business, the best of both worlds.
  • Regular valuations also provide a benchmark to measure whether your company is increasing in value, and if not, help identify what can be done to increase value. An informal survey over 100 small companies showed that over 90% thought they would sell their business some day, but less than 10% had a plan to help them do so successfully. Failure to plan increases the likelihood of failure.


CMC, LTD has the extensive Promotional Products Industry market experience and theoretical knowledge necessary to provide the fact-based valuation of your business. We are the only Industry based advisory firm providing valuations that conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. This allows CMC, LTD. to provide the most appropriate market valuation of your business.


Process and Timing

Upon the completion of the Distributor or Supplier Confidential Valuation Questionnaire with the necessary historical financial information, the valuation will be completed in approximately 30 days.

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We will carefully review your products and/or services as they apply to your market as well as those of other markets to develop the appropriate acquisition criteria and strategy.

We can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to help you identify and achieve your goals via strategic planning, develop your business plan, as well as perform special projects.

The sale of your business can be an arduous and time-consuming process that can take you away from running your business unless you have the right financial advisor.

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