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Strategic Acquisition Searches

One of the most common and logical steps in the process of growing a business is acquiring other companies, divisions, or product lines. CMC, LTD. will carefully review your products and/or services as they apply to your market as well as those of other markets. This analysis, coupled with your business plan, will enable CMC, LTD. to assist in developing the appropriate acquisition criteria and strategy. This strategy will guide CMC, LTD. in the identification of the appropriate companies that can provide significant benefits when acquired or merged.

Once we have received the completed Buyer’s Questionnaire and the Retainer, which covers our time and basic search expenses incurred during the initial identification process, you will have engaged CERTIFIED MARKETING CONSULTANTS, LTD. (CMC) for our Acquisition Search Services. The retainer (net of expenses) will be credited against our Transaction Fee upon completion of the acquisition.

The search process for acquisitions/mergers involves six steps:

  1. Identifying companies that meet your acquisition criteria
  2. Proactively, but confidentially, contacting these companies to determine their interest in selling
  3. Arranging for you and the owner(s) of the interested companies to meet and further explore commonalties
  4. Reviewing and analyzing the target company’s value
  5. Developing the suggested financial terms of the purchase structure
  6. Negotiating and assisting in closing the transaction


In the event you do not wish to retain CMC for our Acquisition Search Services, we will nonetheless keep your Buyer’s Questionnaire on file in the event any companies meeting your criteria contact us with an interest in selling their business. We will not, however, be able to actively conduct a search for companies for you to acquire at this time. If you elect not to retain us, it is important to note that should another company want us to represent them in the sale of their company and we contact you on behalf of that company, we will have a fiduciary responsibility to act in their best interest, and as such, will be precluded from representing you.

You could not be more timely in your plans as our Industry is enjoying unprecedented opportunities. If you should have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone 260-637-6643.

Visit our TRANSACTIONS COMPLETED page to see deals we have closed for our clients.

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