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Distributor Business Reviews

Certified Marketing Consultants has developed a subscription program to provide your company with detailed information and articles to help you increase sales, margins and profitability. Our program is organized into two parts.


Detailed Initial Review

  • Input of your Company’s historical income statements and balance sheets that will serve as the database for detailed analysis.
  • Comparison of your Company’s financial statements to Industry averages on a line-by-line basis utilizing our proprietary Industry database. Our detailed Industry database is the only one of its kind.
  • Written operational review detailing specific observations and recommendations for your Company.

Quarterly business review that will provide:

  • Quarterly update of your financial database compared to our proprietary Industry database.
  • Report on industry trends including quarterly Industry growth statistics.
  • Timely articles on issues relevant to the Industry.


The cost for the Business Review is $1,000 to set-up of your Company along with the initial detailed review and report. The quarterly reviews are $250 each. In order to subscribe, please complete the subscription form below and send it with your most recent annual financial statements.

If you have any questions please call us at 260-637-6643.

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